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  • Just Another Altered State of Consciousness

    “Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?” Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)   Altered States of Consciousness and Western Culture There is the marijuana…

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  • What a High Can Do For Sex

    “If one wanted to depict the whole thing graphically, every episode, with its climax, would require a three-dimensional, or, rather, no model: every experience is unrepeatable. What makes lovemaking and reading resemble…

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  • “War on Drugs” – Quote

    “There has never been a ‘war on drugs’! In our history we can only see an ongoing conflict amongst various drug users – and producers. In ancient Mexico the use of alcohol…

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  • Legalization Quote

    “The legalization of marijuana is not a dangerous experiment – the prohibition is the experiment, and it has failed dramatically, with millions of victims all around the world.” Sebastian Marincolo

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  • Insight Quote

    “The movie Koyaanisqatsi shows non-commented time-lapse footage and focuses our attention on the very rhythm of our civilized modern life and nature. A marijuana high can do something for a user similar…

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  • GUINEA – A Guerrilla-Neurophilosophical Approach to High Science

    What is it like to be high? What is the positive potential of this altered state of consciousness for medical and inspirational uses? How exactly does marijuana enhance cognitive functions like our…

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  • Carl Sagan

    Carl Sagan, Cannabis, and The Right Brain Hemisphere

    „What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere.“ Roger Wolcott Sperry (1913-1994), neuropsychologist and neurobiologist, known for his revolutionary studies of split brain patients   In…

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  • Marijuana and the Enhancement of Episodic Memory

    „A memory is a beautiful thing, it’s almost a desire that you miss.“ Gustave Flaubert, French writer (1821-1880)   Our memory is simply amazing. We can store information about thousands of situations…

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  • Marijuana, Dopes, and Cognitive Enhancements

    When genius mathematician and originator of cybernetics Norbert Wiener moved with his family from Cambridge to Newton, his wife organized the move and let Wiener concentrate on his work as a professor…

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  • Marijuana and The Power of Imagination

    „Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.“ Albert Einstein   The Underestimated Value of Imagination When we think about our capacity for imagination, we often think…

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