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Cannabis Expertise and Creativity for Companies

I offer highly specialized and well-founded advice to established and new companies in the rapidly emerging German cannabis sector.

My range of international experience is based, among other things, on my more than 20 years of expertise as a consciousness researcher and publicist of four non-fiction books on the psychoactivity of cannabis. Also, I worked as Director of Communications and Marketing for one of the largest cannabis companies in the world.

In an international context, I advise companies and executives seeking a special perspective and new impulses to help them to become outstanding innovators and disruptors. I am focusing on companies with truly sincere business ethics and have a large network of exceptional experts in the fields of THC-containing cannabis, medical cannabis & cannabinoids, CBD, hemp, brand design, brand strategy, communication and marketing.

In the turbulent cannabis world, it is crucial to build a strong and authentically communicating brand and develop effective communication strategies. My academic background in philosophy of consciousness and cognitive science helps me to develop strategies to get people to rethink despite the high stigmatization of the topic. Based on my many years of experience as a creative director and photographer, I have developed my own internationally recognized visual language on the subject in order to communicate more effectively.

With unusual essays and in numerous interviews and podcasts, I have repeatedly spoken out against the prohibition of cannabis with great media response and thus helped drive developments for a more rational policy.

My deep understanding of cannabis and the industry allows me to develop customized solutions to enrich and authentically communicate my clients’ identity and vision. Whether it’s launching a new business, solidifying the brand, or exploring new strategies or communication channels, I bring the creativity and expertise to guide my clients to long-term success.

Corporate Identity

Development, analysis, revision of values, vision, brand personality. Get a philosophical perspective on your enterprise.

Expert Content

Creating and reviewing cannabis-related content in a rapidly changing scientific evidence base. Development of a brand story. I have more than 20 years of experience in researching a wide range of topics concerning cannabis and its effects on the human mind and body.


Workshops and training on the psychoactive effects of cannabis with a focus on the temporary effects of the high on cognitive abilities such as focussing attention, pattern recognition, creativity, and many other processes

Brand Positioning

Development and implementation of a clear positioning for the brand that emphasizes its uniqueness and value proposition

Corporate Design

Design and maintenance of visual elements and brand identity, including logo, color palette, fonts, and imagery.

Brand Strategy

Develop a holistic strategy to achieve brand objectives, including positioning, goal setting, and messaging


In recent years, I have supported numerous international cannabis companies in multiple capacities – from start-ups to the biggest players in the industry. For example, I have taught video courses at the American streaming portal Greenflower Media and started the expert blog for the largest cannabis seed bank in the world, see here.


“Nobody has ever broken down the nuances of cannabis psychoactivity quite like Sebastián Marincolo in what he calls a ‘bouquet of cognitive effects and enhancements.’”

Gregory Frye, international storyteller, journalist, and cannabis advocate

“Cannabis is a dazzlingly powerful tool for the expansion of consciousness, heightened sense of presence, increased creativity, exalted aesthetic sensibility, and overall bliss… Sebastián Marincolo has written an exquisite manual for getting high responsibly, deliberately, and productively”

Jason Silva, storyteller, futurist, keynote speaker, known for hosting National Geographic’s BrainGames

“Cannabis is one of earth’s power plants on earth, and Sebastian’s book demonstrates how to use it skillfully as a performance enhancer that can help us all understand the states of our own minds. Highly recommended for aspiring and experienced psychonauts.“

Joe Dolce, author, Brave New Weed and host, Brave New Weed podcast
Founder, Medical Cannabis Mentor

“Sebastian is one of the most prolific researchers and thinkers in the area of purpose-driven cannabis consumption. He will help you enhance both life and work with the practical application of cannabis for empathic understanding, idea generation, creative focus, and non-linear thinking.”

Shawn Gold, Founder Pilgrim Soul, a mission-driven company focused on optimizing human creative performance


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