Art Photo “Talking to Lester” – Tribute to Lester Grinspoon

For many years I discussed the psychoactivity of cannabis with Lester Grinspoon, who became my dear friend and mentor. I am still grateful for his amazing work, his advice concerning my research, and his tremendous support over all those years.

In 2016,  I produced this art photo under the influence of our beloved plant and thought it would be a perfect gift for him. The copy I sent him for his birthday some years ago got badly damaged by postal services, but he still loved it.

My tribute art photo to Lester is available now for canaficionados and art collectors (limited edition of 3 pieces, EUR 2.600 each). Produced by Whitewall as fine art photo print mounted on Aludibond, Fuji Chrystal DP II paper, sized 1,5 meters x 1 meter.

If interested, please contact me at

You can find my limited macro photo art series “The Art of Cannabis” with more photos here. The series was featured and produced for my book “High. Das positive Potential von Marihuana”.


Macro Art Photo, limited edition of 3 pieces, large frame 1,5m x 1m, fine art photo paper mounted on Alodibond frame







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