Eventbrite Webinar/Conversation with Matt Ritchey, Founder of the Inner Circle, Tonight at 1pm

Tonight at 1pm PST I will be speaking with California-based Matt Ritchey from the Inner Circle in a webinar event on Eventbrite about my research and books on the psychoactive potential of cannabis and how to use it to focus your attention, recognize new patterns, enhance your creativity, gain introspective and empathic insights, and to enhance personal development. Matt, the founder of Inner Circle, has made it his mission to bring together sincere leaders to raise the standard of integrity in the emerging industry of herbal remedies and to educate the public about the healing properties of herbal medicine. The Inner Circle creates spaces where leaders can learn from other vetted experts to build confidence and educate themselves. I am looking forward to talking to this extraordinary entrepreneur and host! If you are interested register via the link shared here on Eventbrite:



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