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In this minimalist guide, philosopher Sebastián Marincolo explains how cannabis can be used to focus our attention, to revive past memories, to recognize new patterns, or to intensify our imagination. Based on his interdisciplinary research he gives practical guidance on how to use those and many other cannabis-induced mind enhancements to enrich creative work, to better empathically understand others, to find new dimensions in our love lives, and to have deep and meaningful insights.

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Praise for Sebastián Marincolo

“Cannabis is a dazzlingly powerful tool for the expansion of consciousness, heightened sense of presence, increased creativity, exalted aesthetic sensibility and overall bliss. Sebastián Marincolo has written an exquisite manual for getting high responsibly, deliberately and productively.”

Jason Silva, storyteller, futurist, keynote speaker, known for hosting National Geographic’s BrainGames

“Nobody has ever broken down the nuances of cannabis psychoactivity quite like Sebastián Marincolo in what he calls a bouquet of cognitive effects and enhancements.”

Gregory Frye, international storyteller, journalist, and cannabis advocate

“Sebastian is one of the most prolific researchers and thinkers in the area of purpose-driven cannabis consumption. He will help you enhance both life and work with the practical application of cannabis for empathic understanding, idea generation, creative focus, and non-linear thinking.”

Shawn Gold, Founder Pilgrim Soul, a mission-driven company focused on optimizing human creative performance

“Cannabis is one of earth’s power plants, and Sebastian’s book demonstrates how to use it skillfully as a performance enhancer that can help us all understand the states of our own minds. Highly recommended for aspiring and
experienced psychonauts.“

Joe Dolce, author, Brave New Weed and host, Brave New Weed podcast
Founder, Medical Cannabis Mentor

Your Journey Begins

Hundreds of millions of users have experienced a cannabis high throughout history, but only few know broad spectrum of the potential of a cannabis high to enhance our consciousness. They have opened the door to a new world without really exploring it.

The Plant Cannabis

We need to learn about the cannabis plant if we want to learn the art of using cannabis to enhance our consciousness. How did it co-evolve with humans? Which substances do we find in cannabis varieties? Does it still make sense to distinguish Sativa and Indica varieties?

The Multidimensional High

Cannabis can not only relax us, put us in a better mood or intensify our experiences. Countless users have reported in detail that it helps them to focus their attention, to better remember events, or to recognize different patterns. They report changes in their perception of time, intropektive and empathic insights, an enhancement of their sexual experiences, and many other cannabis-induced mind enhancements. There seems to be a whole bouquet of mind enhancments that cannabis users experience under favorable conditions.

How To Use a High

Only if we learn how to use cannabis we can minimize existing risks and benefit from a high inspirationally – to work creatively, to enrich our love life, to better understand ourselves and others, and even to develop personally. The Art of the High is a sound but minimalist and entertaining guide that shows us in a step-by-step way how to use the  the potential of the cannabis high.

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Sebastián Marincolo

Sebastián Marincolo aka Dr. Sebastian Schulz studied philosophy and linguistics at the University of Tübingen and at the UNC at Chapel Hill in the USA. He was a student of philosophers Manfred Frank, Gianfranco Soldati, Dorit Bar-On, William Lycan, and Simon Blackburn. His research focuses on human and artificial consciousness and altered states of consciousness.

Harvard Medical School Assoc. Prof. of Psychiatry Emeritus Lester Grinspoon was a longtime friend and mentor for his research. Marincolo has published four books and numerous essays on the cannabis high. His work has received international recognition and has been covered in many media outlets, including SPIEGEL-Online, the 3sat/ZDF TV magazine kulturzeit, Aidan McCullen‘s The Innovation Show, and Joe Dolce‘s Brave New Weed podcast. The cannabis advocate Gregory Frye published an Ebook on his work in 2021. Marincolo currently lives with his family near Frankfurt on the Main and works as an author, researcher, and consultant.

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