New conversation with George Monty on his TrueLife Podcast

I recently had the pleasure to talk to George Monty on his TrueLife podcast about my new books, “Elevated. Cannabis as a Tool for Mind Enhancement”  and “The Art of the High”.

George collaborated with multiple Ph.D. professors and authors from prestigious institutions and fields, such as Dr. Rick Strassman, Alan Willett, David Walton, Dr. Salomon, Simon Critchley, and Dr. Verny. He has also interviewed extraordinary individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, such as grad students, retirees, entrepreneurs, and activists. Through these conversations, he has learned and shared valuable insights and perspectives on topics ranging from spirituality, philosophy, science, technology, and society.

George Monty talks to Sebastian Marincolo

Here is the link to my conversation with George Monty about my new book Elevated and my work in general from the TrueLife podcast

Thanks for the opportunity to be on your podcast, George!

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