New Ebook “17 Mind Enhancements of the Cannabis High”

Gregory Frye just published his e-book “17 Mind Enhancements of the Cannabis High. Exploring the Astonishing Research of Sebastián Marincolo”

Gregory Frye is a writer, journalist, and currently serves as executive editor for The Bluntness. His ebook delivers a very perceptive and comprehensive summary of Marincolo’s research so far, well compressed in a beautiful layout featuring Marincolo’s cannabis art photography.

"Mexican Sativa Flower I", cropped, from the art series "The Art of Cannabis" by Sebastián Marincolo
Layout showing a cropped part of “Mexican Sativa Flower”, limited art edition by Sebastián Marincolo

From the announcement of the new Ebook on Sebastian Marincolo’s cannabis research:

“The Bluntness is excited to announce its brand new e-book: 17 Mind Enhancements of the Cannabis High, now available for free download.

What about the cannabis high? Safe access to cannabis is now more prevalent than ever and yet the exciting nuances of cannabis psychoactivity are incredibly misunderstood, overlooked, and stigmatized.

Some of the world’s most high-profile achievers have tapped into cannabis-infused thinking, from Bill Gates to Jay Z or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or you’ve been experimenting with it for decades, this e-book will inspire how you think about and approach the cannabis high.

Take your cannabis journey to greater levels. Now available for download: 17 Mind Enhancements of the Cannabis High. Exploring the Astonishing Research of Sebastián Marincolo

Written by Gregory Frye, executive editor of The Bluntness, 17 Mind Enhancements of the Cannabis High explores the work of Cannabis Philosopher Sebastián Marincolo.

“Nobody has ever broken down the nuances of cannabis psychoactivity quite like Dr. Marincolo in what he calls a ‘bouquet of cognitive effects and enhancements,‘” Frye noted.

“It is within our nature to seek altered states. Even animals seem to enjoy getting drunk on fermented fruit. The cannabis high meanwhile is such a versatile tool – why not discover how to get the absolute most out of it?”

Now available for free download.”

If you are interested in the featured limited art cannabis photo series  “The Art of the High” with visualizations of the art photos hanging on walls you can find it here.

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