New Interview for Global Cannabinoid Solutions Podcast Online Now!

It was a great pleasure to talk to the brilliant Christopher Tasker from Global Cannabinoid Solutions recently. He interviewed me on my new book “Elevated. Cannabis as a Tool for Mind Enhancement”. We talked about my research concerning consciousness, my new book “Elevated. Cannabis as a Tool for Mind Enhancement”, about the endocannabinoid system, agnotology, AI, as well as the latest developments in the cannabis industry.


Chris is a Master of Cannabinoid Research & CEO of GCS. Driven by the loss of his Grandfather to cancer, he has been dedicated to understanding the scientific benefits of cannabinoids to humanity. Having been one of the first in the UK to conduct medical research into these phytocannabinoids and their effects on human tissue, Chris is on the frontlines of Cannabis Science and Industry. It is his personal mission to translate the value of cannabinoid science into societal and business success has seen him set up Global Cannabinoid Solutions (GCS). It was a great pleasure to get to know Chris and his passion and intelligence to have an unusual conversation about the many aspects of my research.

Watch our interview here:


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