New Book “The Art of the High” out now!

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The Art of the High is a state-of-the-art minimalist guidebook teaching cannabis users to induce a high that can bring a whole bouquet of mind enhancements. It’s time to leave “dazed and confused” behind and to use cannabis in a more meaningful way as many prominent users like Charles Baudelaire and Carl Sagan have done so before. If used responsibly and skillfully, Marincolo argues, cannabis can help us to remember past events better, focus our attention, perceive our body better, experience awe, and spark our curiosity. Cannabis can enhance creative activities, help to come to deep insights, understand ourselves and others better, and personally grow.

The Art of the High. Your Guide to Using Cannabis for an Outstanding Life is out now,

available as ebook and paperback!

In his entertaining, yet profound guidebook that includes personal anecdotes and fun experiments, Marincolo explains how we can minimize risks and maximize the benefits of cannabis use concerning the mind-enhancing potential of the plant.

How can we choose a variety for various activities?

Can I rely on Indica/Sativa labels? In which setting should I take cannabis?

What are the advantages of vaporizing cannabis over smoking when it comes to the high?

How can cannabis negatively interfere with my creative output?

Which types of mind-enhancements can I expect from cannabis?

How can I best use cannabis to personally grow?

The Art of the High is Sebastián Marincolo’s fourth book on the cannabis high. It summarizes his research of more than twenty years on this fascinating altered state of consciousness and gives hands-on advice both for beginners as well as for very experienced users and cannaficionados who want to get the best out of the psychoactivity of this versatile plant.

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“Nobody has ever broken down the nuances of cannabis psychoactivity quite like Sebastián Marincolo in what he calls a ‘bouquet of cognitive effects and enhancements.’”

Gregory Frye, international storyteller, journalist, and cannabis advocate

“Cannabis is a dazzlingly powerful tool for the expansion of consciousness, heightened sense of presence, increased creativity, exalted aesthetic sensibility and overall bliss. Sebastián Marincolo has written an exquisite manual for
getting high responsibly, deliberately and productively.”

Jason Silva, storyteller, futurist, keynote speaker, known for hosting
National Geographic’s Brain Games

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